Shopper Tote

$255.00 USD

For the girl-on-the-go who carries her life with her, here you are: roomy enough to fit everything from your laptop to your shoes, this super-soft suede gem will take you around the world and back again (or just across the street).

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Cotton Candy

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The 4-1-1

Height-45cm; Length-33.5; Width-1cm; Weight-20.7oz. Genuine super-soft nubuck suede. Single D-ring hardware detail on front of tote for attachment of add-ons.
Heads up: With wear, the nubuck straps may fray along the raw edges, which is a natural quality of the leather. You can simply trim away any fraying with scissors to return the bag to its original quality.

How To Wear It

You know when someone’s like “what’s not to love?” and you’re like… a lot? We do, too. So we decided to make you a bag you could actually fall head-over-heels for. It’s swingy and simple, ready for a cross-country trip or a walk to the park for a midday break. Wear it to work, to school, to the gym, to the beach - it’s up for anything.

How to Customize It

There are moments in life when you just need that extra OOMPH. Those days require a swishy long tassel, a luggage tag bearing your initials, or just a quick reminder of your BFF , and that’s what we’re here for: to bring you a little more sparkle and something that is totally, uniquely, you.

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